Fresh call to resurrect Perth-Edinburgh rail line

There have been further calls for the reinstatement of a direct rail line between Perth and Edinburgh.

Two Councillors at Perth & Kinross Council are due to raise a motion this Wednesday asking officials to write to the Scottish Government asking for a review.

Quoted in the Courier, Councillor Calum Purves said:

“There are a lot of people living here who commute between Perth and Edinburgh, so it would certainly get used. And it would build on Perth’s position as an inter-city transport hub, as well as creating real economic benefits for the area.”

Councillor Mike Barnacle said:

“To me, this is a no brainer. If you can do this in the borders, then they can do it here.

“While I fully support the concept, we would have to be very careful when planning out a route. There has been a lot of development at the old line since it was closed down.”

 You can read the full article in the Courier.

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