Welcome for new call to re-connect Perth and Edinburgh by rail

A new report published today has echoed our call to reinstate a direct rail line between Perth and Edinburgh.

Greengauge 21, a rail consultancy group, made the recommendation as part of their new report, ‘Beyond HS2‘. The report sets out a number of improvements that are necessary to improve rail connections across the UK.

The reinstatement of the direct Edinburgh-Perth line is a key recommendation of our Inter-City Express campaign, which sets out a pathway to boost rail connections between Scotland’s seven cities and make rail competitive with road for both passenger and freight services.

The Beyond HS2 report states:

“The question of further connectivity improvements within Scotland will continue to arise because rail journey times are so poor, and often much slower than the alternatives by road into which a lot of infrastructure investment is being
made. It would be wrong, however, to believe that – in contrast to Scotland’s road network – the rail network can be left as it is.

The most glaring opportunity for rail north of the Central Belt would see the re-creation of a direct rail link from Edinburgh to Perth (for which an Edinburgh journey time of 45 minutes is projected compared with the current 1h22 minutes), as advocated in 2013 by Transform Scotland. If this link can be configured to provide a faster route to Dundee as well as Perth there is the prospect of significant journey time reductions for both Aberdeen and Inverness as well.”

The report can be found here.

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