Focus on Perth Station upgrade welcome, but more details required

Responding to press reports of an upgrade to Perth Station to benefit first class Calendonian Sleeper passengers, Transform Scotland rail campaigner Paul Tetlaw said:

“The proposals by Caledonian Sleeper to upgrade parts of Perth station are to be welcomed but it would be useful to know how this fits into an overall masterplan for the station.

“Perth sits at the heart of the Scottish Inter-city network and is fortunate to have a station which has survived the ravages of the Beeching era. However, it needs to be upgraded to create a 21st century transport hub while retaining its historic character. There are many examples where this has been achieved with St Pancras being the outstanding UK example.
“All stakeholders need to work together on this project which must also include significant improvements to the public realm around the station and on the route to the city centre to create a pedestrian friendly and welcoming connection between the transport hub and the city centre.”

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