Welcome for ScotRail inter-city trains, “the best diesel trains ever to run in the UK”

Transform Scotland welcomes today’s introduction of the first ‘Inter7City’ high-speed trains. ScotRail announced today that the first of the refurbished trains will enter services on the Aberdeen-Edinburgh route on Monday 15 October. [1]

Rail spokesperson Paul Tetlaw said:

“We’re delighted to see the first of the fully refurbished ScotRail HST trains about to enter service.

“In our response to the franchise consultation we called for proper inter-city trains to be introduced on the routes from the Central Belt to Aberdeen and Inverness. These are long distance routes connecting major centres of population and deserve comfortable trains with plenty of seating and appropriate on-board services — and that is just what ScotRail are providing.

“The HST 125 trains are widely regarded as the best diesel trains ever to run in the UK. In their refurbished form they will indeed feel like new trains.

“Those complaining about the age of the HSTs should go and speak with Great Western passengers — many of whom would love to keep them.”

[1] ScotRail, 10/10/18: ‘ScotRail’s first upgraded Inter7City high-speed train ready for service’. https://www.scotrail.co.uk/about-scotrail/news/scotrail%E2%80%99s-first-upgraded-inter7city-high-speed-train-ready-service

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